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Cat Grooming at K9 Kuts


"Takes a licking, but it keeps on sticking".  We all know that cats groom themselves.  Actually, they lick themselves, then cuddle up with you.  Although our feline friends do self "groom", regular, professional grooming is important for the health of the cat.  Regular grooming can reduce the hair they ingest which results in hair balls.  Also, many long-haired cats end up with matting.  This is not only uncomfortable, but can result in skin infections.  Grooming can reduce shedding and flaking that many cats experience. 


Does your cat do self-manicures on your furniture? 


Most reasons  for this are only known to the cat, ( maybe a greeting, communication, frustration, etc.)  But, cats nails actually "shed" in layers. (You may find them laying on the floor). The scratching helps to remove the layers. Scratching posts and regular nail clipping can facilitate the removal of  the outer layers and can help prevent your kitty from getting a claw "hung up" which can sometimes result in injury.  (Not to mention saving your furniture and ankles! ) Is your cat tracking litter from the box?  Trimming the paws and pads may help reduce this.  A groomer may also observe a skin or other health condition that the owner is unaware of.  If you are a "cat person", you may want to consider the many benefits of treating your special kitty to a spa day.

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Services & Pricing*


Full Groom: 

This generally applies to long haired cats. Includes full brushing, mat removal ( if applicable), bathing, clipping or thinning,oral exam, mouth freshening spray and ear cleaning.  Anal gland expression, sanitary hair cut and nail trim included upon request. Excessive matting may result in an additional charge.

Long Hair: $61.00

Short Hair: $51.00

Himalayan and Persian: $70.00


Bath Only:

 Includes full brushing, oral exam, mouth freshening spray, and ear cleaning.

Long Hair: $46.00

Short Hair: $41.00


Lion Cut: 

Includes bath, oral exam, mouth freshening spray and ear cleaning.  Nail trim and anal gland expression



Shave Cat: 

Short Hair: $70.00

Long Hair: $80.00



In addition to groom or bath.  All natural, high quality Furminator shampoo and solution to draw out undercoat and excessive hair to reduce shedding by up to 90%.  Finished with a de-shedding brushing. 

Short Hair: $10.00

Long Hair: $15.00


Matt removal: 



Sanitary haircut: 

For cats who are unable to clean themselves thoroughly and may retain #1 or #2 in their private areas.  $12.00.

Nail trim: 


Price variation contingent on difficulty of cat's behavior.  


Teeth Brushing: 



Teeth and Nail Package: 


PlaqClnz Oral Treatment ( 1 month process ):

$50.00 complete.

Anal Gland Expression: 


(Cats generally self-express their glands, but if you notice excessive licking in the area or a foul odor, they may need to checked.)

Brushing and Freshen up: 

Short haired-$10.00   Medium -Long haired-$15.00  Himalayan and Persian- $20.00. 



* Prices on website may not be current with prices in store.

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